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Voltage Stabilizers

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Electronic Voltage Stabilizer and Servo Voltage Stabilizer are specially designed for Indian Conditions to overcome the power problems like voltage fluctuations that can totally damage costly equipments such as Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Television, Computers, Microwave ovens and many other electronic and electrical appliances.

Three phases servo voltage stabilizers.

  • Input voltage range 360 to 460 VAC, 50Hz, Also available 300 to 460 VAC, 50Hz
  • Output voltage 415 VAC ± 1%, 3KVA to 500KVA.
  • Voltmeter to each phase monitors input and output voltages or with selector switch monitors phase to phase voltages.
  • Servo controllers consists of high torque AC synchronous motors driven by TRIACS (Solid state controls) Buck / Boost Transformers and variable auto transformers design enhances better effeciency and reliability.
  • Manual operation in case of auto control circuitary fails.
  • Voltage correction rate as high as 45V/Sec.
  • No sine wave distortion.
  • Overload Protection by MCB.
  • Under Voltage / Over voltage cut-out.
  • Power ON delay by 2-3 minutes and is presetable.
  • In the event of phase failure trapping is provided.
  • Isolation transformer and LC Filtering for Electronic controlled machines.

Single phases servo voltage stabilizers.

  • Input voltage range 170 to 270 VAC 50Hz. Output voltage 230VAC ± 1% KVA to 10KVA
  • Fully solid state controller.
  • Auto variable transformer, Buck / Boost transformer and AC synchronous motor enhances better effeciency and reliability.
  • Input and Output voltage check by voltmeter.
  • Power on delay to avoid initial uneven load distribution of electricity board.
  • AUTO / MANUAL operation.
  • Voltage correction speed is more than 45V / Sec.
  • UNDER / OVER Voltage cutout.
  • Overload control by MCB.
  • RFI filter and spike suppressore to output voltage.