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Offline UPS

Samtek a total power solution company introduces SAMTEK UPS specifically designed for the rugged Indian power conditions. They provide safe ouput to personal Computers, LAN Servers and other sensitive electronic devices, protecting them against data loss, power loss, spike, transient surge, brown out and black out.


  • Mosfet based PWM Technology
  • Built in AVR with widr 155V - 275V Input Range
  • Built in surge suppressor and spike buster
  • Withstands violent voltage fluctuations & distortions
  • Choice of battery back-up by automotive or SMF batteries
  • Generator compatible even those with distored wave
  • CCCV/ Floot and boost charger
  • Simple operation and one minute installation
  • Excellent warranty / service support
  • RD-232 Interface to link with Intelligent UPS Softwares